DPV Static Management Program

DPV Static Management Program

Cost and quality improvement by innovations – DPV ESD protection you can trust

Innovations in the protection against electrostatics

Progressing miniaturization and the further development of technologies increase the sensitivity of components to ESD. In addition, progressively automated manufacturing processes raise the risks of damage caused by ESD. At the same time the customers of electronics manufacturers require high reliability of electronic equipment. DPV Static Management Program offers the possibility to control the effectivity of measures taken to protect against EOS (Electrical Overstress) and ESD (Electro­static Discharge) in electronics manufacturing.

DPV SMP comprises ideally matched product, software and service solutions and thus provides possibilities to save process costs along with an increase of the manufacturing quality. The specially developed Static Monitoring Software allows permanent monitoring of the ESD protection and logging in all manufacturing processes. This ensures that you and your customers will have a process reliability and manufacturing quality in EOS/ESD protection that so far has been unachieved.


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