LYNX® - stereo inspection microscope

Eyepieceless stereo zoom microscope with various accessories

The microscope Lynx introduced in 1999 has become the most demanded stereo zoom microscope on the market. The eyepieceless system allows an unrivaled level of headroom and a comfortable body posture preventing fatigue of the user. This is possible due to the special enlargement of the light path generating a field of view that is 64 times larger than in conventional microscopes and thus creating high-resolution images on a large, optical field of view.

Glasses or contact lenses can be worn as usual when using the microscope.

A variety of magnifying lenses and multipliers complements the transmission ratio of 5.7:1 and provides magnification combinations for maximum a 120-fold magnification as well as a working distance adapted to the individual requirements.

The modular design allows the user to choose between various mounting, lighting and camera options.

Use in

  • Inspection of solder joints, material surfaces, preparations
  • Rework or assembly work under magnification
  • Measurement and documentation

Advantages of eyepieceless stereo microscopes

  • Reduced eye fatigue and physical tension
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved error detection
  • Lower reject rates
  • 360° rotation
  • 2.1 to 120-fold magnification


  • Eyepieceless, afocal stereo zoom microscope with a angle of view of 26.4°.
  • The patented Dynascope technology optimizes head- and bodyroom with
    -10 mm of radial headroom
    -70 mm of axial headroom

Zoom magnification

  • x7-x40, extensible by combination with object lens and multiplier (max. x120)
  • Zoom transmission ratio: 5.7:1
  • Multiplier lens x1.5, x2 (to increase the magnification)
  • Lenses to increase the working distance and the field of view
  • Lenses to increase the total magnification

Details of the optics


  • Table stand with small place requirement
    (reach optical center to pillar: 150 mm)
  • Pillar stand to swivel
    (reach optical center to pillar: 400 mm)


  • Clear, shadow-free illumination with 14 LEDs
  • Latest LED technology for approx. 10000 hours continuous viewing
  • Reduced consumption and maintenance costs
  • Reduced heat emission to the object

Accessories / extension

  • 2-step multiplier allows a magnification by x1.5, or x2
  • Optics for a vertical or an oblique view from an angle of 34° (manual or motorized)
  • Ergotube for the variable setting of viewing / tilt angle
  • Angle adapter for tilting the optical axis by 25°
  • Polarized transmitted light
  • Sliding table as object slide
  • Measuring table
  • Graticules (crosshair, scale)
  • Camera adapter for video, digital, 35 mm
  • Analysis and picture archiving software


  • Unpacked
Head 3.4 kgStand 5.5 kg
  • Packed
Head 4.7 kgStand 6.5 kg


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