MANTIS Inspection systems

MANTIS Inspection systems

The MANTIS product family is a comprehensive range of patented, optical stereo systems without eyepieces for a simple as well as sophisticated control and inspection tasks requiring exceptional ergonomics and visual quality.

MANTIS is successfully used all over the world and has established itself as an industry standard for ergonomic inspection in the lower to the medium-sized magnification range.

With the new generation Mantis offers exacting users a product family with a modern, optical design, the latest material developments and a balanced LED lighting.

The eyepieceless stereo inspection system MANTIS provides a nearly inexhaustible wealth of applications and is particularly suitable for applications in electronics, precision engineering, plastics industry, with medical components, and much more. Furthermore, it can be used directly in production lines, in technical and analytical laboratories, as well as in biomedical sectors.

Special advantages of the new MANTIS generation are:

  • Very attractive price-performance ratio
  • Compact, functional unit
  • Large magnification range (up to x20)
  • Shadow-free LED lighting, incident and transmitted light
  • Large working distances, large field of view
  • Stable system structure