For a better work environment. Developed vor the human being.

TRESTON is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial furniture and workstations.
Our workstation design and implementation process always begins with the person performing the work. In this way, the company pays close attention to ergonomics, functionality and efficiency. The cornerstones of our business activities are reliability, customer orientation, high quality and continuity.

Especially in electronics industry there are often works executed in an ESD area to be protected against static charges.
TRESTON has a long experience in development, manufacturing and delivery of ESD equipment. All workstation equipments are available with ESD coating. 

The products are certified in accordance with IEC-61340-5-1.

Adapted to your individual requirements

The field of application of a workstation determines the basic requirements and the accessories needed. The needs and requirements can vary from employee to employee. This should be respected.

The 3D designer in our online shop helps you to equip your workstation easily. With a few clicks you can put together your wished table and we will create a quote tailored to your personal table.

For if a workstation is focused on the special needs of the employee, the production process can be executed with precision and comfort without any delay.

Ergonomic workstations

An efficient, smooth material flow is the main advantage of our workstations for assembly industry. Processes and production procedures can change at any time, and ergonomic needs vary from person to person.

Our answers include modular product solutions allowing the quick and agile reaction to every new situation and therefore ensuring the continuous production.

Due to our versatile accessory range the workstations can be adapted nearly indefinitely to individual needs. An internal design department and long-standing experience permit us a customer-specific adaption of every single solution.

Our range comprises for example ESD-protected workstations for electronics industry. These are also superbly suitable for precision engineering and mechanical engineering. 

High-performance chairs with maximum customer benefits for any industrial and technical working environment

The work chairs are technically mature, satisfy highest standards and distinguish themselves a good price-performance ratio. They meet the requirements of many different workstations - from the manufacturing and packaging to sit and stand work.