The especially light ceramic tweezers are characterized by a large number of special properties which meet also very special requirements.

Material designations and properties

Code letterMaterialProperties
(C)Tool steel, hardened+ Very long service life.
+ Very stable.
+ Cost-effective.
- Strongly magnetic.
- Sensitive to corrosion (protection only by nickel plating).
SStainless steel+ Largely stainless without nickel plating.
+ Fine tips possible.
+ High tip hardness.
- Slightly magnetic.
- Can rust under extreme conditions.
SAStainless steel (No. 4435 / AISI 316)+ Stainless.
+ Antimagnetic.
+ Resistant to conventional acids and vapors.
- Not so hard as "C" or "S".

Full steel tweezers are 100% conductive. Under certain circumstances, they can be used in ESD areas. The decision on the application in ESD areas lies with the user.

CeramicZirconia ceramic and aluminum+ No electromagnetic induction at high frequency.
+ No eddy current losses.
+ 100% electrically insulating.
+ 100% antimagnetic.
+ 100% antistatic.
+ Extremely wear-resistant, approx. 10 times better than steel, approx. 100 times better than plastic.
+ Temperature-resistant up to 700°C.
+ Extremely low thermal conductivity.
+ 100% stainless.
+ Resistant to acids and alkalis (except hydrofluoric acid).
+ Extremely smooth anti-adhesive surface.
- Tips can break in case of misuse.
CarbofibCarbon fiber tips and SA steel+ Stainless.
+ Antimagnetic.
+ Acid-resistant.
+ Conductive.
+ Gentle on surfaces.
+ Stable and durable.
+ Temperature-resistant up to 270°C.


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