• On-site ESD inspection and analysis of weak points

  • ESD risk assessment of machines and installations

  • Introduction or update of the ESD control program

ESD consultation

ESD safety prevents damage of your products caused by static charge. In an electronic manufacture there are many areas where static charge may occur. Especially in systems and machines conditions prevail leading to damage caused by ESD.

We analyze and evaluate the existing situation in your manufacture and support you to create or to complement your ESD control program in which you define and control the ESD protective measures according to your individual requirements. The scope of the consultation is agreed according to your needs.

In order to control the implementation and application of the ESD protective measures defined in the ESD control program, we offer you an auditing in compliance with valid standards. We also quote an on-site ESD basic training in handling ESD-sensitive modules for your employees.

We offer special topics like e.g. "ESD safety in machines and systems", also on-site.

On-site ESD inspection and analysis

ESD risks can occur in different forms and situations. The production is subject to constant change. New machines and installations are installed and have to be evaluated in termes of safety. For this reason, regular ESD inspections and analyses of weak points for ESD protection have to be done.

Our experienced specialists are able to detect weak points of the ESD protection and recommend you necessary countermeasures and possible solutions. We have modern measuring devices for measurements, also in running production systems, to obtain informative measuring data. So it is possible to determine where ESD protective measures are required and how risky a process is. 

At the same time the target/actual state of your ESD protective measures is established. The obtained findings and solutions should be integrated in your ESD control program. 

The analysis can comprise your entire production or only individual partitions.

The ESD inspection is to extend and complement your ESD protective measures and increases the ESD safety.

We will consult you beforehand about ESD safety when planning and equipping new production areas. 

The findings of the ESD inspections can substantially contribute to a reduction of the ESD risk.

ESD risk assessment of machines and installations

Today, the electronic manufacturing is characterized by automatized production processes. Due to the progressive miniaturization manual processes are are pushed into the background. High process speeds and complex processes as well as a simultaneous increase of the ESD sensitivity of compoments lead to a higher risk of ESD damage. At the same time the customers of electronics manufacturers demand high reliability of electronic modules.

In assembling and production processes many different materials are processed. Transport, stacking and removal processes take place. Every material movement is connected to static charge and ESD risks. These risks need to be detected and evaluated with measuring data. 

Using modern measuring devices we analyze the installation to be evaluated during current real operation. We provide the results in a report. 
Afterwards, we offer you individualized proposed solutions for detected ESD risks.

Introduction or update of the ESD control program

The basis of a functioning ESD protection is the introduction of an ESD control program according to the standard DIN EN 61340-5-1.

In the ESD control program you define the necessary ESD protective measures and determine their monitoring. The ESD control program has to correspond to the individual requirements of your processes and products. We consult and assist you competently with the creation of your ESD control program.

The ESD control program is the basis and a necessary prerequisite for the auditing.