Protective gas soldering station

Protective gas soldering station

The protective gas soldering irons WP 80IG and WP 120IG fulfill all ESD requirements and allow soldering tasks with protective gas in the usual way. Via openings integrated in the heating element, the protective gas (nitrogen) streams specifically around the tip. The protective gas and temperature control is made with the supply unit PU 101IG WAD. The set is completed by the Stop + Go safety rest WDH 10T. By taking off respectively depositing the soldering iron, the protective gas supply and the control of soldering iron start and stop time-controlled.

Advantages of a protective gas soldering iron:

  • Oxygen is displaced by the solder joint and soldering tip
    -Less oxidation on solder joint and soldering tip
    -Reduced surface tension of the solder
    -Better flow characteristics of the liquid solder
  • Preheating of the solder joint
  • Better and more even activating of the flux


Article#: 515.161.99
WDH 10T - comfort rest
with dry cleaner WDC 2
for WP 80, WSP 80 and WP 120
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