EPApro® is a modern and compact tester for the testing of personnel grounding and fulfills the latest requirements of DIN EN ISO 61340-5-1 and ANSI …

EPApro® Personnel Tester 1000

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EPApro® is a modern and compact tester for the testing of personnel grounding and fulfills the latest requirements of DIN EN ISO 61340-5-1 and ANSI ESD S20.20 and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The integrated Multi-RFID reader enables the personal identification with present RFID cards or chips. EPApro® allows to record the measurements conforming to standards and in compliance with GDPR.
It is possible to connect several EPApro® Personnel Testers 1000 with the optionally available EPApro® Control Server via the company network and to manage the EPApro® devices from a central point. The data are stored centrally in the server database.

  • 7" HD color touch screen display 
  • Grahic user interface with intuitive operation
  • Multicore processor-controlled
  • Personal identification with integrated Multi-RFID reader
    (all common standards, existing ID cards can be used further on)
  • configurable measuring functions
  • Hands-Free mode
  • Quick measurement in less than 2 seconds
  • Password-protected access for administrators and managers
  • Privacy mode adjustable (recording and display without names, GDPR-compliant)
  • Reduced personal measuring voltage adjustable for individual persons
  • Time synchronization via network
  • „Stand Alone“ operation or connectable via the EPApro® Control Server
  • Standard testing according to IEC / DIN EN 61340-5-1 and ANSI ESD S20.20

  • Recording and display of the measurements in the device (5000 measurements)
  • Measurement and logging of temperature and humidity per measurement
  • adjustable languages German and English
  • 2 configurable switching outputs e.g. for access control systems
  • Made in Germany

In connection with the optionally available EPApro® Control Server (see also EPApro® Control Server)

  • EPApro® 1000 devices remotely configurable with EPApro® Control Server from a central point
  • Networking, also across locations via VPN
  • Networking of EPApro® devices and management of the data in a central database
  • comprehensive export and import functions
  • Printing of reports
  • Filtering of displayed data
  • REST-API interface for reading data
  • UTC time synchronization
  • In case of network failure or maintenance work on the server the measuring data are buffered in the EPApro® devices and synchronized with reavailability of the EPApro® Control Server 

Scope of delivery:

  • EPApro® Personnel Tester 1000 (table-top or wall-mounted device)
  • Power supply unit
  • integrated Multi-RFID reader
  • Footwear electrode
  • Operating manual German
  • Factory's calibration certificate

For accessories see dpvlink 21905:

  • Striking divider for a reliable measurement
  • ID cards blank white, printable
  • EPApro®calibration unit for a recommended calibration every two years

Upgrade the EPApro® Personnel Tester with a pedestal oder use it in connection with an access control system (e.g. a turnstile) and apply the Hands-free mode.

Possible applications:

  1. 7" HD color touch screen display
  2. integrated Multi-RFID reader
  3. Connection snap 10 mm
  4. 2 x banana sockets
    other connectors possible with adapter
  5. Contact plate
  6. further connectors at rear of the device:
    power supply, 2 x USB, Ethernet, switching output 2 x PhotoMOS Relais (24V / 2A) configurable e.g. for door opener, temperature and humidity sensor,
    calibration connection, connection for footwear electrode L+ R


Technical data

 Voltage 100 - 230 V / AC
 Power approx. 6 W (9V / DC)
 Operation conditions +10 to + 40°C / up to 75% relative humidity
 Storage conditions +10 to + 60°C / up to 75% relative humidity
 Display test result 7" HD color touch screen display
 Tolerance T/H sensor ±2°C / ±5% r.h.
 Testing time < 2 seconds
 Test voltage selectable: 30V, 50V, 100V
 Dimensions 265 x 180 x 100 mm
 Weight 1 kg
 Footwear electrode dimensions 500 x 350 x 8 mm
 Footwear electrode weight 2.6 kg
 Version wall-mounted or table-top unit (for turnstiles, etc.)


  • quick measurements < 2 seconds of wriststraps, work coats and shoes
  • simoultaneous measurement of wriststraps and shoes
  • Hands-Free measurement (measurement by stepping on the footwear electrode)
  • test voltage, measuring mode and thresholds configurables
  • several special functions

Test voltage 100V / 50V / 30V DC - tolerance ±5%

 Measurement Measuring range
 Upper thresholds
 Measuring range
 Lower thresholds
 Wriststrap / coats 1 MΩ - 200 MOhm none / 100 KΩ / 750 KOhm
 Footwear worn against metal plate (value per shoe) 1 MΩ - 200 MOhm none / 100 KΩ / 750 KOhm
 Footwear measurement as
 "series connection" (Hands-free)
 1 MΩ - 200 MOhm none / 100 KΩ / 750 KOhm

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EPApro® Personnel Tester 1000 table-top device
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