Training / Workshops

Training / Workshops
  • ESD basic training on-site

  • ESD basic workshop (also possible on-site)

  • ESD coordinator workshop

  • ESD trainings for management and
    (also possible on-site)

  • ESD workshops on special topics (also possible on-site)

The training of employees in terms of ESD knowledge and behaviors is as important as ESD protective measures. Your employees should understand the basics of ESD protection and the ESD risks in order to adjust their action correctly and also to apply the existing ESD protective measures in a target-oriented way.

Train your personnel right from the beginning

Especially for trainees and sector newcomers the extensive topic "ESD safety" is very comprehensive and difficult to understand. Therefore, ESD events and damage may happen out of ignorance.

It is recommended, and also demanded by the standard, to refresh regularly the expert knowledge of your employees. This prevents mistakes and renew their knowledge.

Protective measures against electrical discharge
Article#: D-0500
Training content: Basics, refreshment and in-depth trainingThis workshop day is optionally offered for those persons who want to get a first …
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ESD training
Article#: D-0510
For management and decision-makers the focus of the training is on risk assessment as well as product liability and commercial issues.ESD protection …
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ESD Workshop
Article#: D-0520
Common trainings are to school general topics and basics of the ESD protection.Especially in the fields of installations and machines or in case of …
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