ESD Swivel chairs EPAchair®

ESD Swivel chairs EPAchair®

EPAchair® ESD work swivel chairs ensure ergonomy and ESD safety at the workstation.
Carefully selected material and components garantie a high quality. Different models, options, upholsteries and colors enable an optimal integration in the respective work environments. You can choose between different models, starting from the climbing aid to the ergonomic work swivel chair. All models of the EPAchair® series are ESD-compliant according to DIN EN 61340-5-1 


All models of the der EPAchair® ESD work swivel chairs are produced in Germany


Highlights EPAchair® swivel chairs

  1. Adjustable seat tilt
  2. Different ESD upholstery covers
    - ESD Dralon fabric 
    - ESD SKAI synthetic leather
    - conductive PU solid material
  3. Adjustable seat depth
  4. Dissipative seat outer shell
  5. Made in Germany
  6. Weight up to 130 kg
  7. Dissipative safety double castors
    or glides
  8. ESD-compliant according to
    DIN EN 61340-5-1 
  9. Adjustable seat height
  10. Multifunctional armrest
  11. Dissipative back outer shell