PremiumSmooth is a NEWLY developed functional textile. Its high-quality inside adapts softly to the skin - ensuring therefore an extremely comfortable wearing. The breathable and moisture-absorbing micro polyester on the exterior ensures optimal thermal regulation. The result stands for itself: Smooth comfort combined with optimal ESD protection.


T-Shirt / Polo shirt PremiumSmooth

  • high electrostatic dissipation
  • weight 180g/m²
  • for ESD protected working areas
  • soft, light and breathable
  • very comfortable to wear

PremiumSmooth functional fabric: 

47% cotton inside
46% micro polyester outside
7 % conductive fibers

Available in the 3 standard colors black, dark blue, azure.
Your requested color is possible when ordering at least  >> 300 pieces<< .

With the new innovative PremiumSmooth textile, the new generation of Polo and T-Shirts offers everything a TOP product needs:

  • TOP industrial quality
  • extremely durable textile
  • breathable fabric
  • pleasant wearing
  • wellbeing on the skin
  • excellent dissipation values  
  • Active cold and heat regulation
  • timeless cut 
  • machine washable up to 30°C


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