EPAconsult® customized ESD trainings and workshops

Risk minimization by trained employees in your EPA

The ESD risks in your operating procedure will be minimized with target-oriented trainings, because the safe handling of the employees with electronic components is important for the ESD protection.
Oour application-oriented ESD trainings are the basis for establishing an control program plan in your manufacturing, but also promote the general understanding how to apply ESD protective measures optimally and to recognize ESD risks.

We offer suitable trainings for employees, responsible persons and managers.

The material is taught in theoretical form as well as in application-oriented way by practical examples. Individual operational requirements and customer-oriented, theoretical and practical topics can be integrated due to a flexible and modular course structure.


In the electronics industry, it is essential that employees, those responsible and management deal with the extensive topic of "ESD protection". In order to avoid damage to electronics, correct personal behaviour and conscious handling of electronic components are crucial.

Our training courses and seminars promote an understanding of electrostatic relationships and effects and show how ESD protective measures can be applied in a targeted manner and how ESD risks can be identified. Through ESD refresher training, the sensitization to the ESD topic is refreshed and knowledge is deepened.

We offer application-oriented training courses and seminars that are based on the requirements of the ESD standards IEC (DIN EN) 61340-5-1 (VDE0300-5-1).
Individual operational requirements and customer-oriented, theoretical and practical topics can be integrated through flexible and modular course structure. The training content is taught in theoretical form and with practical examples in an application-oriented manner.

Training language: German

ESD Competence and Coordination

There are also different areas of work and responsibilities in the EPA.

Depending on the employee's field of activity, different focal points and depth of knowledge are required.

All trainings are held in German

ESD Basic training

Basic knowledge of electrostatics, ESD protective measures and ESD marking for the safe handling of ESD-sensitive components and parts in production, assembly and logistics


ESD Specialist

Support of the ESD coordinator, measurement of the ESD control elements according to ESD control program plan, evaluation and documentation.


ESD Coordinator

Coordination, monitoring and analysis of work areas and ESD control elements as well as documentation in the ESD control program in relation to quality management according to ISO 9001 ESD audit according to the specifications of IEC (DIN EN) 61340-5-1.


Decision-makers and quality management

Risk analysis and assessment, knowledge of relevant standards and guidelines, legal background (e.g. product liability)

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