As one of the leading manufacturers of safety shoes in Europe Atlas sets a high value on high quality and innovative technologies. Its safety shoes are characterized by high-quality materials such as leather, Sportline textile or mesh as well as a breathable functional lining. Further features are the alu-tec® aluminum toe cap and the innovative Innoflex® sole concept. The safety shoes are also suitable for orthopedic insoles and offer an excellent ESD protection.

In compliance with the ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1 

Aktiv-X lining

The aktiv-X functional lining has a moisture-regulating effect and provides a fast drying of the shoes. It does not stain, is hypoallergenic and abrasion resistant and offers a high breathability. In addition it is tested according to Oeko-Tex® standard 100.

3D cushioning
The new 3D cushioning system by ATLAS® permets a sensibly gentle and fatigue-free walking. The basis for this excellent walking comfort is formed by the following three basic components:
- pressure-relieving insole
- cushioning comfort midsole
- dynamic outsole

ATLAS® multiple-width system
All ATLAS® safety shoes having the standard width 10 are produced with wide, convenient fit. In addition, we offer you our individual multiple-width system. This concept allows us to provide you the correct-fitting shoe.
- W10 = wide
- W12 = extra
- W13 = special
- W14 = special

Metal-free penetration protection XP® technology
By means of the puncture resistant XP® technologie ATLAS® provides an innovative outsole system. The XP® midsole is completely metal-free and very lightweight. The flexible material structure optimizes the torsion of the outsole. This means in practice: If you unexpectedly tread on uneven flooring, the lengthwise flexibility offers excellent safety in placing the foot. The risk of twisting is actively reduced. The penetration-protection refers to EN ISO 20345 S1P and S3.

ATLAS® clima-stream®
The ATLAS® clima-stream® technology offers a sensibly improved breathability. The use of high-quality, breathable upper materials and lightweigh linings provides this unique comfort.

The ATLAS® clima-stream® generation series offers an improved breathability, balances moisture within the shoe and acclimatises to the ambiant temperature. This unbeatable comfort is created by the use of high quality upper leather, light functional lining and the Klima Komfort® insole.

About 32 °C indicate a pleasant temperature within the shoes. Even small variations of 1 or 2 degrees can affect lead to a feeling of hot or cold feet. The quality of the clima-stream® material compensates for these variations in temperature.

Result: The feet feel fine even in extreme circumstances and are constantly at a comfortable temperature

ESD-geprüfte Schuhe
nach EN 61340
Sicherheitsschuhe SB
nach EN ISO 20345
Sicherheitsschuhe S1
nach EN ISO 20345
Sicherheitsschuhe S1P
nach EN ISO 20345
Sicherheitsschuhe S2
nach EN ISO 20345
Sicherheitsschuhe S3
nach EN ISO 20345
dämpfende MPU® Komfort-Zwischensohle
für schonendes, ermüdungsfreies Laufen
XP® Zwischensohle:
leichte, durchtritthemmende Zwischensohle ohne Stahl
für einen trockenen Fuss
alu-tec® Technologie:
Leichtgewicht mit Aluminumkappe
Atmungsaktiver Schuh, passt sich Umgebungstemperatur an
Schuh mit Boa-Verschlussystem
Serie: SportLine 3.0
leichter, dynamischer Schuh
Weiten W10 / W12
Schuh erhältlich in Weite 10 (breit) und 12 (extra)
Weiten W13 / W14
Schuh erhältlich in Weite 13 (spezial) und 14 (spezial)
DGUV-Regel 112-191
geeignet für orthopädische Einlegesohlen und Zurichtung nach DGUV
geeignet für orthopädische Einlegesohlen Secosol®


ESD Clima-Comfort insole
ESD Clima-Comfort insole
Color: green / Size: 36-48
Color: green / Size: 36-48
Article#: AT-92000
Insole ESD Atlas [36-48]
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