ColoRex PLUS Interlocking system

ColoRex PLUS Interlocking system

ColoRex PLUS is a high-quality Flooring as interlocking system. Due to its properties it is used wherever other Floorings are "overstrained" and extensive preparations and downtimes are possible results.

The laying

The Flooring system can be layed loosely on almost all, even problematic grounds that have a higher residual moisture or are defective, oily or scruffy. In addition, the whole Flooring can be thermically welded, so that it is fulfills the highest hygienic requirements and the standards of WHG 19.

Because of the loose laying, ColoRex PLUS is immediately accessible. The joining of the tile is made by means of a special, invisible dovetailing system. Its unique structure ensures the electric conductivity for the first time with loose layings.

Lower body voltage
People cause charges by movements in every room; ColoRex dissipates them safely through the veins in the material.

Possible uses
Due to its highly compressed material the surface of ColoRex PLUS is completely smooth and non-porous and therefore also suitable for the use in cleenrooms. In addition, the degassing is extremely low, which is more and more important for the use in cleancoomrs.

100% repairable surface
The special material structure of ColoRex allows an easy partial reparation in case of surface damages. Due to the homogenous structure, effective repairs can be easily made by material-in-material welding. Neither the conductivity nor the optics are affected.

The most important added values at a glance:

  • quick and easy loose laying during business / production
  • no extensive and costly repairs
  • laying possible on wet and damaged surfaces
  • immediately accessible after laying 
  • invisible tile joint, thermally weldable
  • electrical conductivity (in case of the EC version)
  • reusable for the use in other areas

In compliance with the ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1  

FORBO color selection for ColoRex plus EC puzzle technique


ColoRex Plus - ESD LOGO 608 x 608 x 10.5 mm

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