Orthopedic insoles in safety shoes

Since 2007 the DGUV standard 112-191 (formerly BGR 191) has clearly regulated the use of orthopedic insoles in safety shoe and the individual finishing of safety shoes. According to the standard, only modifications of the safety shoe approved by a certified testing authority and attested by an EC type examination certificate are permitted.

Especially in case of shoes having to fulfill the ESD standard EN 61340-5-1, the use of certified orthopedic insoles is essential as those ensure the necessary contact and assure all in all the requried ESD protection.

All shoes with this icon have been certifie by the respective manufacturer according to the DGUV standard 121-191.



The most important things in a nutshell:

  • Safety shoes serve the safety at work
  • In these shoes only orthopedic insoles certified for the respective shoe may be used
  • The certified insoles in ESD shoes ensure at the same time that the ESD function is maintained


Orthopedic insoles – it's as easy as that:


       Check if the shoe you use is certified.

       Request the molded foam for your footprint.

       After receiving the molded foam create the imprint of your foot  by setting your foot
            carefully in the molded foam.

       Do you have a private prescription? Put it in a closed envelop and add it to the molded
             foam with your footprint. So, the insole can be adapted more individually and more
             precisely to your foot.

        Return the molded foam with your footprint to us or give it to an orthopedic shoe
              technician. When returning the molded foam, the following informations are necessary
              for fabricating the insoles: shoe model with size and name of the insole wearer

        After shoe finishing you will receive your insole either from Orthopädie-Schuhtechnik
              Granget or us. So, you still wear a certfied work shoe.


Request molded foam or order orthopedic insoles right here:

Footprint foil

++ In case of returned filled-in footprint foils, the following information are needed for fabrication of the insole: shoe model with size and name of the future wearer.++

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Customized insoles
For shoe model: xx
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Delivery time: at short notice
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