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Grounding cable 3.6 m
10 mm snap/ 10 mm snap, black
(DIN EN 61340-5-1)

7,30 EUR
7,30 EUR per PCE
Snap universal Kit 2, type DPV, 10 mm snap
for table and floor coverings, max. strength 3.5 m
type 80016 DPV, 5-piece consisting of:

Snapball part 10 mm, snap spring part 10 mm, short + long screw, washer, EPA bonding label, screw lower part (5-piece)

2,85 EUR
2,85 EUR per PCE
ESD flat brush -hard- 12.5mm
electrically conductive DIN EN 61340-5-1

8,35 EUR
8,35 EUR per PCE
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