PCB holders cab

PCB holders cab

electrostatically conductive, an exemplary concept: well thought out, flexible and complete

These PCB holders are used in the production, in test fields and in the storage. They can be equipped as well when standing vertically as lying horizontally. The width is completely variable and the system can be assembled for all PCB sizes according to the individual requirements.

  • Handles
    They facilitate the transport and especially the removal of the PCB holders out of the transport boxes. For saving space in the height they are retractable.  
  • Clamp
    It can be mounted on the side of every PCB holder. The clamp serves to fix accompanying documents like parts lists and order forms.  
  • Bearing rail
    It serves to support heavy and large PCB and protects them from slipping down while being transported. 
  • Profile rail
    It is made of aluminium extruded profile and is available with every requested length.  
  • Partitions
    The double-walled partitions are extremely stable and torsion-resistant due to the sandwich structure.  
  • Free space
    For preventing damages of protruding components the bearing edge lies 17 mm above the table surface.

Quick and simple assembly

Quick and easy adjustment due to external adjustment grooves lying 0.4 mm above the surface.

Transport container

The PCB holder can be used for the transport in Euro containers 600 x 400 mm or 400 mm x 300 mm.

The retractable handles facilitate the insertion and removal.

Stable and torsion-resistant

The partitions are extremely stable due to the double-walled structure. In addition, in case of mechanical and thermal load, the partitions can be stiffened by a metal tube.

Standing vertically

Equipped PCBs must be stored horizontally before soldering. For this purpose, the PCBs be placed vertically.

Groove lock

For preventing damages of the components while inserting the PCBs into the magazine the grooves can be blocked by groove locks.

Technical data partition 100 / 180 / 300:

Number guide slots:32
Spacing guide slots:10 mm
Continuous use temperature:70°C

After aging no diminution of the conductivity, chemical and UV resistance excellent.

Version conductive = electrostatically volume conductive
In compliance with ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1  

 Partition wall

 Slot width

 Slot depth

 PCB spacing

 Max. equipment


 2.8 mm

 2.0 mm

 10 mm

 32 PCBs


 4.0 mm

 2.5 mm

 10 mm

 32 PCBs


 3.5 mm

 2.5 mm

 10 mm

 32 PCBs

The length of the profile (dimension X) is calculated according to the indications below.
Dimension D = PCB width
Dimension X = length of profile rail