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Dispenser durAstatic® type 35-254 AC ESD
yellowOne-TouchHDPE180 ml 29,35 EUR
Dispenser durAstatic® type 35-257 AC ESD
orangeOne-TouchHDPE180 ml 29,35 EUR
Dispenser durAstatic® type 35-258 AC ESD
greenOne-TouchHDPE180 ml 29,35 EUR
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Dispenser durAstatic™ type 35-278.IPA ESD
ESD dispenser durAstatic yellow type 35-278
180 ml, ++ Menda pump One Touch ++
>>> with imprint: ISOPROPANOL (ISA)<<<
embossed ESD symbol, permanently dissipative
DIN EN61340-5-1

26,60 EUR
26,60 EUR per PCE
ESD Cutter
ESD cutter, ABS
(DIN EN 61340-5-1)

6,76 EUR
6,76 EUR per PCE
Milano ESD Birko-Flor normal, black
ESD sandal Milano ESD ++Birkenstock/Professional++
with two buckles, heel strap, BF Birko-Flor,
sizes 35-46, + footbed normal++ color: black
(DIN EN 344)

45,30 EUR
45,30 EUR per PR