EPA – Our brand for your ESD safety

High-quality products form the basis for successful projects. The EPA brands include a range for every need. Tested and certified in accordance with ESD standard DIN EN 613405-1, we offer system solutions for all ESD-relevant areas in your company.

EPAconsult® – ESD services

We offer application-oriented training courses and seminars based on the requirements of the ESD standards IEC (DIN EN) 61340-5-1 (VDE0300-5-1). >> read more

EPApro® – ESD Personal grounding control system

The innovative, networkable personal grounding test system with optional EPA zone access control for measuring, analyzing and sustainable documentation of the data. >> read more


EPAchair® – ESD swivel chairs

The EPAchair® work swivel chairs, stools and standing aids comply with the ESD standard IEC (DIN EN) 61340-5-1 and offer a high level of comfort at the best price-performance ratio. >> read more

EPAwear® – ESD workwear

Dissipative EPAwear® workwear for protection against electrostatic charge, ESD-safe according to IEC (DIN EN) 61340-5-1. >> read more

EPAstore® – ESD storage solutions

The products in the EPAstore® series ensure ESD safety when storing and and transporting components and assemblies. >> read more


EPApack® – ESD packaging solutions

ESD-sensitive components and assemblies are safely protected from electrostatic influences in shielding bags, DRY-Shield bags and packaging from the EPApack® series. >> read more

EPAclean® – ESD cleaning

Products from the EPAclean® range ensure that floors and surfaces in the EPA in the EPA remain clean, functional and retain their ESD protective properties. >> read more

EPAmove® – ESD transport solutions

The sturdy and durable EPAmove® transport trolleys ensure ESD-safe transportation within your production facility. >> read more


EPAglove® – ESD work gloves

EPAglove® ESD gloves protect your products from the effects of electrostatic discharge. >> read more

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