EPAclean® – EPA cleaning

In order to maintain ESD functionality, impurities and deposits must be removed from EPA surfaces. Conventional cleaners can impair the ESD properties due to additives or residues, meaning that ESD safety is no longer guaranteed. With EPAclean® you can clean your EPA protection zones thoroughly and in an ESD-safe way.

You will find everything you need in our range:

  • Product cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Hygiene & disinfection
  • Antistatic cleaning & coating
  • Cleaning of printed circuit boards & metals

Our offer for a clean, long-lasting EPA zone

EPAclean® ESD Cleaner professional

5-liter canister or 1-liter spray bottle

Ready-to-use for easy cleaning of all ESD surfaces.

Regular cleaning with ESD-Cleaner professional ensures the ESD functionality of surfaces in the EPA zone. This cleaner leaves no film and is also suitable for transparent surfaces.


  • Ready-to-use mixture
  • Hygienically binds loose dust and fine dirt
  • Cleans without leaving streaks and does not form a film
  • Spray nozzle enables damp mopping through controlled and well-dosed release of cleaner
  • Overdosing and swelling effects due to too much moisture are prevented
  • Surface dry and usable again within a very short time
  • pH value 7.5

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EPAclean® ESD Floor-Cleaner professional

10-liter canister

Highly efficient concentrate for the maintenance cleaning of ESD floors made of PVC.

The ESD Floor-Cleaner professional is suitable for the maintenance cleaning of floor coverings. It removes residues without damaging the conductive surface. The concentrate is extremely economical.


  • Concentrate for diluted application
  • Efficient dilution ratio 1:200
  • Consumption approx. 0.1 liter per 100 m² (at a dilution of 1:200)
  • Excellent dirt binding, even with greasy residues
  • No leaching of the surface
  • No formation of gray haze
  • Streak-free cleaning
  • pH value 8.5

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EPAclean® ESD Basic cleaner professional

5-liter canister

Concentrate for gentle and effective basic cleaning of ESD floors.

If basic cleaning is required, excellent results can be achieved with ESD Basic Cleaner professional. It can be used to remove even the heaviest soiling and wax residues from floors.


  • Concentrate for diluted application
  • Dilution ratio 1:10
  • Consumption approx. 3 liters per 100 m² (when diluted 1:10)
  • For removing waxes, wiping care products, care films as well as adhesive residues and construction soiling during final cleaning with factory PU coating
  • Strong dissolving power
  • Low alkalinity, gentle on materials
  • pH value 10

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