EPApro® – ESD Personal grounding control system


The innovative EPApro® end-to-end solution for your ESD protected working areas combines a user-friendly precision hardware with a forward-looking software solution designed for the measurement of your ESD safety equipment as well as the comfortable and standard-compliant documentation and central management of the collected data. Multifunctional EPApro® interfaces and switch outputs allow for a simple integration in the existing infrastructure of your company.

The advantages at a glance:

Quick measurement, extensive measuring options with short test time

User-friendly, simple handling

Standard-compliant testing in compliance with DIN EN ISO 61340-5-1 and ANSI ESD S20.20


Adjustable measuring voltage and configurable thresholds

Suitable for the use in access control systems

Suitable for cross-location networking via LAN or WLAN

Data logging in compliance with GDPR


Automated data exchange with other programs

Further exciting features
- Data logging in compliance with GDPR
- Suitable for cross-location networking via LAN or WLAN
- Simple data handling and secure archiving on a central server
- Vast report functions
- Simple backup functions ensure data security via single click at any time
- Automated data exchange with other programs
- No client software required, server installation via VM (Virtual Machine) 
- Simple update function and maintenance via the EPApro® portal

The components

EPApro® ESD Personnel tester 1000

The EPApro® 1000 is a compact measuring device to verify the personnel grounding and fulfills the requirements of IEC (DIN EN) 61340-5-1 and ANSI ESD S20.20 as well ass the GDPR (general data protection regulation).

Programmable switch outputs allow using it as access control. A privacy mode offers the possibility to log and display the measurement without names. The measurements are logged and stored in the EPApro® 1000 device conforming to standards and the GDPR. It is possible to retrieve measured data via network or maintain them locally on the device by means of the stand-alone function.

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EPApro® Control Server Software

The EPApro® Control Server software allows for a central management across locations of the measurement, device and employee data collected by the ESD personnel testers and transmitted to the EPApro® Control Server by means of the company network.

All data is stored in a central database directly on your company server in compliance with the GDPR.
It is possible to configure the EPApro® 1000 devices centrally via the EPApro® Control Server. Modifications of the device parameters are automatically synchronized with the server.

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EPApro® Support

In addition to our sales representatives who supply you with detailed advice and instruction on site, our EPApro® support provides you with advice and assistance.

It is possible to calibrate EPApro® 1000 devices directly on site by using an optionally available menu-driven calibration unit. A return to the factory is thus not necessary. Update packs will be regularly available for download in the EPApro® portal.

Contact us: support@epapro.de

Do you have any questions or need personalised advice?

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email using our contact form.


Everything summarized!

A clear summary of all information concerning the EPApro® ESD Personnel Tester 1000 and all components of the EPApro® control system can be found in the current leaflet. Available as flipping book, for download or as free printed version (only in German).

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