Cleaning of PCBs and metal parts

Cleaning of PCBs and metal parts

The effective cleaning of PCBs and metal parts does not only increase the reliability of the components, but facilitates also a safe coating.

Watery cleaning

Water-based products offers the environmentally safest cleaning method and an ideal long-term  replacement for ozone-depleting solvents. They are extraordinarily effective, much cheaper than conventional cleaners in comparison with water-based solvents and easy and safe to use, whereas the level of residual dirt is lower than before.

Solvent-based cleaning

Solvents are quickly evaporating organic substances. The use of solvent-based cleaners may be required if PCBs or units contain unsealed components or water-sensitive devices.

  • Economically friendly
  • Very good material compatibility
  • Quick volatilization
  • Suitable for service and repair work
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-flammable
  • Cost-effective
  • Economically friendly
  • Very good material compatibility

All the following products are water-based and should not be stored at temperatures below 5°C. Disposal: All products have to be disposed in agreement with the local regulations.

*Concentrates have to be diluted. You will find further information in the data sheet.


Evaporation rate: the higher the number, the lower the evaporation rate.
*classified as not flammable


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