Tyvek® Protective clothing ESD

Tyvek® Protective clothing ESD

Tyvek® is a special and versatile material. It is durable, but also extremely Light and soft. Permeable to air and water vapor, Tyvek® fabric provides an excellent barrier as well against water-based chemicals and aerosols as to particles and fibers. It is low-lintig and antistatic. Due to the combination of these special characteristics Tyvek® Products are ideal for a wide range of applications and prevent contamination of Products and processes by people in the pharmaceutical, food or electronics industry.

Protection: Good barrier to particles due to its structure of extremely fine filaments and a good protection against fine liquid mist and water-based chemicals in low concentration.

Durability: The Tyvek® fabric is extremely durable, tear- and abrasion-resistant. Tyvek® Overalls remain intact even under difficult conditions, in case of movements such as those described in the standards for chemical protective clothing.

Comfort: Tyvek® is a breathable fabric. It is permeable to air and water vapor. At the same time it is very soft, Light and flexible and feels comfortable on the skin.

Antistatic according to EN 1149-1


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