Cleanrooms are designed for special manufacturing procedures. Especially in the semiconductor manufacture particles in the surrounding air may cause lasting damage on circuits. In order to prevent such damage, the air has to be filtered constantly. In addition to the air purification, precautions should be taken to prevent that as few particles as possible get into the cleanroom. This is achieved by tools, cleaning sticks and also office supplies that are suitable for the use in cleanrooms. Of course, also surfaces such as working places, chairs and cleanroom clothes have to be abrasion-resistant.

Cleanroom clothes have to

  • prevent efficiently the particle release
  • protect the employee against high air speeds (draft effects)
  • provide a certain permeability for air and water steam
  • be antistatic or dissipative
  • be considered as comfortable to wear
  • consist of narrow-pore synthetic textiles

Work utilities (such as work material, consumables, furniture etc.) have to

  • be made of low-abrasion plastics
  • possess a fully closed surface to be cleaned easily and
    according to cleanroom standards
  • individually packaged (consumables such as disposable gloves
    cleaning wipes)