ESD tiles

ESD tiles

With ColoRex FORBO offers a high-tech vinyl floor that has been synonymous for quality, safety and reliability for more than 35 years. ColoRex has been especially developed for the use in ESD areas. Due to our many years of experience and continuous research this flooring is continuously improved and further developed.

Structure of ColoRex
ColoRex contains dimensionally stable chips with a conductive coating instead of "liquid" chemical additives (antistatic agents).
Thus, the electrical properties of the surface are permanently constant. Furthermore, the conductivity is not affected by air humidity and aging.

ColoRex is turned into a highly durable covering because of the homogeneity achieved by the extremely high-pressure production. So, it is not only resistant to a high point load, but, due to its best wear-resistance, also to any damages caused by static and dynamic loads.

Safety through control
In order to offer our customers maximum safety, FORBO documents and checks in detail the conductivity of every production batch. For this purpose, they create by default a measurement report relating to the distribution of conductivity values inside every material batch, which can be requested as a proof.

Possibilities of use
Due to its highly compacted material the surface of ColoRex is completely smooth and nonporous. Therefore, it is also suitable for the use in cleanrooms. In addition, it has extremely low emission,  which is getting more and more important for the use in cleanrooms.

Even damages on ColoRex, such as long and deep scratches, holes, burns and other more or less serious surface damages, can be repaired effectively and easily without a trace and without affecting the original properties of the flooring. This 100% repairability is a unique characteristic of ColoRex.

Care and maintenance

Loosely floating dust can be removed by vacuuming or damp mopping with impregnated disposable wipes. Alternatively, the floor can be cleaned by spray with a single-disk machine with red pad and spray device with a neutral and wax free cleaning solvent. Large areas must be cleansed with a suitable scrubbing machine. Borders have to be cleaned manually.

In compliance with the ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1  

FORBO color selection for ColoRex SD and EC tiles

Forbo color selection ColoRex SD tilesSignal


Welding wire for ColoRex SD + EC coverings
Reel with 100 lfm
Color: matching the flooring

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